Live Online: Works of Mercy and Gratitude

Live Online: Works of Mercy and Gratitude

Jul 25, 202004:00 pm

Jul 25, 202007:00 pm(GMT+0)


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Led by Lisa Wagner-Carollo

Lisa will lead a spiritual exploration of the life and journey of Dorothy Day. In New York in 1933, Dorothy and French-born itinerant philosopher Peter Maurin co-founded the Catholic Worker, a living movement that has been responsible for feeding and housing people who are homeless while maintaining a monthly, nationally-read newspaper. Dorothy is known as the Mother of the Peace Movement, and was jailed numerous times for her beliefs.

This morning retreat will specifically focus on Dorothy’s embodiment of the works of mercy and the gratitude with which she lived. Using Dorothy’s inner life and outer experiences as a lens, participants will explore their own spiritual journeys. 


Lisa Wagner-Carollo is the Founder of Still Point Theatre Collective. She acted as the company’s executive director for 18 years and currently serves as the theater's artistic director. She founded Still Point in 1993, motivated by a strong desire to combine ministry, social justice, and theatre. For over two decades, she has toured the country and overseas with the one-woman play Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day. Along with performing in several Still Point productions, she has also co-authored four plays for Still Point, including the one-man show, Visionary at the Helm, for Catholic Charities USA. 

Prior to starting Still Point, she lived in the L’Arche Heartland Community in Kansas City and St. Catherine’s Catholic Worker in Chicago. In 1998, Lisa began Still Point’s theatre program for women in prison at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. Today, the program also includes workshops at Cook County Jail and a program at Grace House for women who have recently left prison. 

Lisa is also a spiritual director, having completed her training in 2010 at Siena Center in Racine, Wisconsin. Recently, with Ayasofya Press, Lisa published a book of poems, prayers, and reflections entitled Above, Along, Inside, and Through.

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