The Inner Journey-Praying with Art Inspired by Christian Mystics

The Inner Journey-Praying with Art Inspired by Christian Mystics

Apr 07, 202108:00 pm

Apr 07, 202109:30 pm(GMT+0)


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An afternoon of reflection with artist Sylvia Wünsche-Wienands

Sylvia will share seven paintings/collages in a virtual gallery that will be on the Mercy Center Burlingame website.

This seven-piece painting series is based on Carol Lee’s Flinders’s book “Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics.” We will meditate on one painting together and we will include access to additional online meditations that you can view “on demand” for the other 6 paintings.

Sylvia depicts her interpretation of their visions and ideas in an abstract/semiabstract way.

In common to all of the women was a deep desire to know God and Jesus and have a compassionate and loving relationship. Sylvia expresses that in the verticality of the compositions by establishing a connection between heaven and earth. The background is blue with the idea of heaven as the spiritual realm. The triangles and triangular composition symbolize the Trinity, and the element of collage (a different one for each painting), the three-dimensional aspect of their experience. The gold accents emphasize the divinity of God.

Besides these commonalities, there are important differences as well in how the mystics’ experiences were. Sylvia will quote from the writings she used as inspiration for the painting.

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