DueDash Digital Networking: Energy Hacking

DueDash Digital Networking: Energy Hacking

Dec 20, 202003:00 pm

Dec 20, 202004:00 pm(GMT+0)


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Enjoy the entrepreneurial rollercoaster through energy hacking

Welcome to our first 'DueDash Digital Networking' session that will be tied to our monthly theme this month. The monthly theme of December 2020 is 'Energy Hacking.' In this networking event, you will be able to exchange with other entrepreneurs how they managed the emotional and physical challenges the year 2020 and the COVID pandemic put onto us. How can you be more balanced and calm and avoid stress? This and much more you will be able to discuss.

Connect and exchange digitally

In these unusual times, it has become more important to find alternative ways to connect with others, and even without physical events, it is possible to meet other founders and startup enthusiasts in the digital space. In smaller breakout rooms you will be able to meet and talk with others in smaller groups. Ask what's on your mind, challenges you face, or curious questions you have, and make new contacts and friends along the way. We will switch up the groups as well so you are able to get in touch with many different people.

What's in for you?

This is your chance to make meaningful contacts and conversations digitally on how one can deal with the struggles and difficulties of the startup life. If you already have specific questions that you would like to discuss during the session you can post your questions in the comments of this event, so we can proactively address them during the digital networking event!