Private Detective Certification Course

Private Detective Certification Course

Oct 09, 202101:00 pm

Oct 11, 202109:00 pm(GMT+0)


Westminster Town Mall, 400 North Center St, Suite 175, Westminster MD 21157, USA

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Be sure to purchase a ticket for both the Private Detective Certification Course and the Handgun Safety Training if you plan to apply for the Handgun Wear & Carry Permit through the Maryland State Police. You will need 1 ticket for each course to obtain your Wear & Carry Permit. We have simply combined these courses into one 3-day course to expedite the process for our students.

If you already have your Handgun Wear & Carry Permit granted to you by the Maryland State Police then you only need to sign up for our Private Detective Certification Course.

This course is non-refundable however, we will allow you to choose another date for the course.

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What is included in this course?

  1. Your private investigator training requirements for your PI license in the state of Maryland.
  2. Training requirements for the Wear & Carry permit for the state of Maryland via the Handgun Safety Training.
  3. Your HQL (if needed)
  4. Your Armed/Unarmed Security Guard card for the state of Maryland.
  5. Firearms fundamentals course

What are the additional fees for this course?

Several permit applications are required by Maryland State Police to include live fingerprint scans. The cost of obtaining fingerprints is not included in our course price but is offered by ShallBe Global PI Academy via Essential Support Services LLC for $50 per set of prints. If you are applying for your Private Investigator certification and your Wear & Carry permit you will need 2 sets of prints for a total of $100. This will need to be paid to Essential Support Services LLC via a credit card or cash on the first day of class.

Fees paid to Maryland State Police in the form of a check or money order are required by the applicant and not included in the course price. See below for a list of these fees:

  1. Wear and Carry permit - No money order required, online payment available. Original/Initial $75.00 fee, renewals, and subsequent $50.00 fee
  2. Security Guard Certification - Original $15.00 fee, renewal $10.00 fee
  3. Private Investigator - Original $15.00 fee, renewal $10.00 fee
  4. HQL - No money order required, online payment available. $50.00 for Original, $20.00 for Renewal

Why should we take your course?

  • This is not your everyday training course. This course combines the 5 core classes that were listed above under 'What is included in this course?' We offer a certification heavy course in a 3-day class to meet busy people's demands everywhere.
  • This class has been built from the ground up by current private investigators and military personnel. We have taken every measure to ensure you receive the valuable training you so desire. Our training course exceeds all training requirements by the state of Maryland and the Maryland State Police.
  • We will continue to be a resource for you as you grow in your PI and security career. We do not disappear as so many do after you receive your certifications. We offer additional training courses and may have from time to time career placement opportunities. We offer these to students who have graduated from our courses on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • We will assess your firearms experience on day 1 of the course and provide extra assistance in the form of training to those who may need it. This is to ensure everyone who takes the class is given every opportunity imaginable to succeed in receiving their certifications. Our instructors may pull you aside on a break and give you some one-on-one attention at no extra charge.
  • We provide your fingerprinting via LiveScans, your passport photos, and application preparation within the class schedule. You will not have to go elsewhere or try to navigate the difficult paperwork and MSP training portals. We are with you every step of the way as we want to ensure you receive the value you deserve for the course.

Corporations and individuals often call upon private investigators to help them conduct research and perform a variety of undercover duties to produce an outcome that is beneficial to all. By taking private investigator classes, you can learn fundamentals valuable to businesses and individuals alike.

ShallBe Global's Private Investigator Licensing Course was built to provide students with fundamental instruction on critical areas of concentration such as problem-solving, interviewing skills, research, stakeouts, surveillance, and more. 

If you've ever wanted to learn more about how to become a private investigator, ShallBe Global's Private Investigator classes are an excellent place to start. Take the first steps in your training to become a private investigator by requesting more information or enrolling today!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median annual salary for a Private Investigator is $50,090. The number of jobs in this career field is projected to increase by 8% through 2028.*

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