Private Coaching Planner

Private Coaching Planner

Aug 30, 201902:59 pm

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Private Coaching Planner

What’s the most powerful way to learn new business strategies and increase your bottom line? 

A high-end, private coach can not only offer insights into innovative marketing, branding, systems, and business improvements, but they can also serve as a second set of eyes on your existing plan. Because they’ve been where you are, your coach is an invaluable resource as your business grows. 

And to someone else, YOU are that coach. So, what’s stopping you from rolling out your own premium 1:1 coaching program? 

If you already have a group program or several stand-alone training programs, then a 1:1 package is the next logical step, and it won’t take much work to create.

Our Private Coaching Planner walks you through the steps of creating the perfect private coaching program.

Includes Spiral Planner and PDF!