Communicating Effectively with Japanese online seminar with Rochelle Kopp (Japan time zone)

Communicating Effectively with Japanese online seminar with Rochelle Kopp (Japan time zone)

Mar 18, 202104:00 am

Mar 18, 202107:30 am(GMT+0)


Online (Zoom)

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Join cross-cultural expert Rochelle Kopp for an in-depth session offering practical strategies for strengthening your working relationships and achieving increased results with Japanese colleagues, subordinates, customers and supervisors.

Based on her over 20 years experience consulting with major Japanese firms and foreign companies' operations in Japan, Rochelle will share both the cultural 'whys' behind how Japanese individuals and organizations communicate, and how to avoid common pitfalls and achieve improved results.

This seminar will be useful to:

  • Expatriates working in Japan
  • Locally-hired non-Japanese staff of foreign firms in Japan
  • Employees of Japanese companies
  • Managers with Japanese employees
  • Anyone reporting to a Japanese supervisor
  • People working with Japanese customers

Topics to be covered:

  • Increasing communication effectiveness (both written and oral)
  • Making meetings more productive
  • Giving and receiving feedback with Japanese
  • Dealing with ambiguity in communication
  • How to get your point across clearly without alienating people

Filled with case studies and practical examples, this seminar will be highly interactive. In addition to learning from Rochelle, the participants will have the opportunity to share and learn from a group of peers.

If you're a recent arrival to Japan, this seminar will give you a roadmap for addressing key issues effectively. And if you have been in Japan a long time, this seminar will help you to organize your experiences so far and gain fresh perspectives on your current challenges.

Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of Japanese communication style and increase your effectiveness.