Islamic Wealth Management 101

Islamic Wealth Management 101

Jun 18, 202212:00 noon

Jun 18, 202201:30 pm(GMT+0)



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What if we told you that this is šŸ”„The WebinaršŸ”„ to attend and learn how you can manage your money from an Islamic perspective? Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate in finance, you'll find great value in this webinar running for its 3rd time!

'Where to find halal investments?'

'Is insurance halal for us to take as Muslims?'

'As a youth, should I start investing or getting my insurance needs fulfilled first?'

'What's the difference between Islamic financing and the normal financing by banks?'

Islamic Finance @ Singapore (IFSG) has received a slew of inquiries from members of the public who are curious about how Muslims should handle their financial affairs. Fortunately, this course isn't about getting you to buy insurance or investments; rather, it's about spreading awareness about an Islamic approach to personal finance in the wider community.

Back to the topic:

Q: Have you ever thought, if my food has a halal stamp, shouldn't my investments be halal too? 

A: Yes! Every halal investment must have a shariah advisor supervising the activities of the investment! Just look at the comparison between two funds:


Q: Are you only being offered Investment Linked Policies and mutual funds?

A: Here's a list of investments that are shariah compliant, are any of your investments in this? In fact, these are just a portion of the halal investments you can access as a Singaporean!


Q:If insurance is 'darurat' or a necessity, shouldn't there be a limit to how much of insurance we can use?

A: True enough, while there are many types of insurance products out there, there are some that are nearly halal (closer to Shariah Compliant insurance) or has the lesser prohibitions.




If we managed to give you a clearer picture of how Islam approaches finance, then secure your seats on this webinar! You will be investing the most productive 1.5 hours of your life to better your financial life and subsequently other people's!


Just listen to how Mr Sani explained why Islam bans ribaā€™:

WAIT! If you are still on the fence about registering for this event, then would you be interested in getting two three page info-graphs on investments that are fully compliant for Muslims as well as a three page info-graph on insurance for the Singaporean Muslim? Both would cost $10 but register and you'll be able to get both of these for free!


Who exactly is delivering this?


Hereā€™s a summary of our speakerā€™s profile:


Sani Hamid currently holds the position of Director (Economy & Market Strategy) in Financial Alliance. He also heads the Financial Alliance Islamic Wealth Advisory (FAiWA) division within Financial Alliance.


Sani has nearly 30 years of working experience in the financial markets, having worked for companies such as S&P MMS where he led a team of analysts covering Emerging Asian economies; BNP Paribas Peregrine as a senior economist; and S&P Ratings as a Director in the sovereign team overseeing the ratings of countries such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Singapore.


He has been widely quoted in the media throughout his career and has spoken at numerous international conferences on a range of topics. He holds a Bachelor in Business (Hon) from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and a Masters in Social Science in Applied Economics from the National University of Singapore. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He also has a Certificate in Islamic Banking & Finance from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.


Sani presently advises several Muslim Welfare Organizations on investment matters. He is actively involved with voluntary work with Muslim associations such as MUIS, Mendaki and others. He is also the advisor to the Debt Advisory Centre @ Association of Muslim Professionals.


Still considering?

Just look at the more than 200 registrants who attended the webinar back in March and October 2021!




Claim your seats now by registering for this webinar and enjoy a learning journey meant to teach and not to sell!


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P.s: If you are one of those who reads until the end, here's the scoop:

To help you get started on your financial journey as a Muslim, we are offering you a 1.5-hour webinar. We understand that you have to pay, but we've done these events so many times that we've realized that there is no commitment from the other side to attend when we make it free, so here we are offering you to buy us a cup of coffee and if you're not satisfied with the event, we'll gladly refund you the amount.


So, don't wait to sign up! This event will sell out fast! It's going to be a blast!