NFTs as Paradigm Shift in Event Industry

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NFTs as Paradigm Shift in Event Industry

Jun 30, 2022 3 PM (EDT) - 4 PM



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Invitation-only showcase of the event industry's future with NFTs

Digital economy has been forever changed by the introduction of NFTs. Web 3 can empower your marketing, engage your clients, help you build communities and increase revenue. 

PDF ticket will be replaced with a smart NFT ticket with tons of amazing features to help you increase revenue, build community and earn royalty in perpetuity. Claim your first real NFT ticket and discover how NFTs will transform entire industries.

Experience the new wave of web 3 powered economy first hand and learn how NFTs can benefit your business:

  1. as tickets with embedded content to allow for innovative use cases
  2. as collectibles
  3. as a key to access content anywhere on the web
  4. to control secondary market and earn royalties in perpetuity
  5. to build communities
  6. to create digital gifts and giveaways
  7. to drive your marketing campaigns


Enjoy the event stream on our platform or in Metaverse (Spatial, Decentraland). Instructions to join will be sent well in advance.

We are excited to see you there!

*Your NFT ticket can be used to get VIP access to our future content and events



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Your first REAL NFT ticket


Your first REAL NFT ticket



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