Beyond Duality: The Communal Heart

Beyond Duality: The Communal Heart

May 07, 202111:00 pm

May 09, 202101:00 am(GMT+0)


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Beyond Duality: The Communal Heart

With Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

Presented by Mercy Center Burlingame

in Collaboration with Deep Living Lab

(formerly Deep Living Institute)

 4:00 pm Friday, May 7 through 6:00 pm Sat, May 8 (PDT)

This time of transition has ushered in confusion, untold levels of loss, broken hearts and personal and societal disorder. Many are finding that the concepts, beliefs, assumptions, and usual ways of meeting life are no longer providing the foundation once thought to be solid.

As in long past eras, extraordinary times of great change, loss and disruption have shown to be the rich ground that spurred the arising of new consciousness and wisdom. At the core of the major turning that we find ourselves in now is an urgency to follow Spirit back into the ‘the cave of our hearts,’ the anchor of interconnectedness and Unitive consciousness. 

Working with EnneaCrossings ™ * (see below) provides support in translating the universal teachings of Oneness and Interconnectedness into an experienced reality. The Portal of Communion, represented by the horizontal line between Enneagram Points 7 and 2, specifically shows us interferences to an awakened heart, and invites us into an ever-deepening relationship with the deep, Source-penetrated heart.

In this virtual retreat, we will inquire into a range of experiences that accompanies having a real relationship with our heart, explore how duality shows up in the egoic version of the heart, and engage in processes that support deep connectedness and communion.  Teachings from wisdom and mystical traditions, meditations, personal writing, and participant sharing will be included to support your immersion into this tender and precious space. Live virtual sessions of 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours will be interspersed with extended breaks for personal care and time in silence and reflection. Two approximately 15-minute long videos will be available for viewing before the retreat to provide context and background from the EnneaCrossings™ body of work.


Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD is the author of Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature, revised and updated edition (2020) and Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change. Her next book based on EnneaCrossings™ is in progress. She is the founder, board co-chair and retreat leader of the Deep Living Lab (formerly the Deep Living Institute) for spiritual deepening and presence-based life engagement. She is also the founder and senior faculty of the Deep Coaching Institute, an internationally accredited (ICF and IEA) Enneagram coaching school. This is her 14th year of leading retreats at Mercy Center Burlingame.

RETREAT HOURS (PDT):  4:00 pm, Friday, May 7 through 6:00 PDT May 8


   4:00         Optional 15 minute silent sit

   4:15         Retreat logistics and introductions

   4:30-6:00      In session with Roxanne

   6:00-Sat morning   Personal time with suggested practices


   9:00         Optional 20 minute meditation

   9:30-12:00      In session with Roxanne

   12:00-1:30      Personal time with suggested practices

   1:30-3:30      In session with Roxanne

   3:30-4:30      Personal time with suggested practices

   4:30-6:00      In session with Roxanne

For those unfamiliar with the body of work called EnneaCrossings™ it integrates two powerful and ancient symbols that reflect the spiritual journey and transformation: the Enneagram and the cross-cultural/nondogmatic cross. Each symbol offers a unique framework for awakening, and when integrated into one symbol, reveals the non-dual nature of inter-connectedness and wholeness.

Working with EnneaCrossings™ invites us to explore the profound and magnetic   dynamism between two fundamental dimensions of life: our Finite Nature and our   Infinite Nature in relationship to four universal and generally hidden dimensions of   consciousness. The invitation of this entire body of work is to realize, experience and    act from our inherent interconnectedness, Unitive consciousness and Love.