Mary Magdalene and the Beatitudes: The Art of Letting Go and Receiving

Mary Magdalene and the Beatitudes: The Art of Letting Go and Receiving

Jul 15, 202312:30 midnight

Jul 15, 202311:00 pm(GMT+0)


In-Person at Mercy Center Burlingame

Event details

You can choose to come both days, starting on 7/14 Friday evening at 5:30pm beginning with dinner, for an overnight retreat, OR just 7/15 Saturday at 10am for a day retreat.

We will examine how humbleness and reliance on God for everything, and seeing all things as Grace, is the basis of inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. We will examine our own beliefs and fears relating to our poverty of spirit so that we might become open to how Divine Love can use those areas to work through us. We can begin to trust God even more with our lives. We will refer to Mary Magdalene as someone who felt 'less than' or persecuted by her demons, imagine what her healing entailed and the mission it inspired. We will examine how we, like Mary Magdalene, must learn to see our own stories and circumstances with our hearts and not just our eyes; how we must let go to receive all.


Creative expression - Jen will prepare an art project where we create a collaged bouquet made up of backgound foliage (our 'littleness) and flowers (God's Graces), 'tied' with an action or surrender we must take to allow the Divine to work in us.


The retreat will center around 4 themes:


Part 1: Where do I experience spiritual poverty?

Part 2: How can I embrace my own 'littleness?'

Part 3: The practice of Trust.

Part 4: Walking in the Beatitudes.


Jen Norton is an award-winning Catholic artist and author of 'Surrender All' and 'Arise to Blessedness' by Ave Maria Press. (link to Jen's author page: )


Jen's work can be found at



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