Garage Dance Studio - Tango weekend with Rino Fraina & Graziella Pulvirenti

Apr 22, 2023, 04:30 p.m.


The Garage Dance Studio & Coffee Lounge, 1385 East Street,New Britain,CT 06053

Garage Dance Studio - Tango weekend with Rino Fraina & Graziella Pulvirenti

Apr 22, 202304:30 pm

Apr 24, 202311:00 pm(GMT+0)


The Garage Dance Studio & Coffee Lounge, 1385 East Street, New Britain, CT 06053

Event details

Hartford Argentine Tango Society Welcomes Rino Fraina & Graziella Pulvirenti special guests from Italy. They will be touring The USA , we are glad to host them for a special weekend in April for four workshops and Milonga performance and Sunday milonguita .

April 22-23 , 2023


Rino and Graziella met in 2010 and they started dancing together at the end of the year with the clear aim to create a stable couple to consolidate their qualitative and personal growth in Tango. After dancing other dances like ballroom at a Professional level , they decided to dance Tango to enjoy of a greater ( superior ) interpretative freedom of music and movement. The discipline and training learned from other dances have constantly led the to deepen the basic technical elements and to research a defined and recognizable teaching method. After a two years preparatory course of ballet , at the age of five , Graziella dedicate herself to synchronized swimming , winning numerous championships.

Rino began dancing when he was 10 , specializing mainly in ballroom dances. He won his first Italian Championship in 1998 ,and from that moment on, his national and international carreer went on. He competed in England , Austria , Belgium , Poland , Russia , Lithuania and Spain winning numerous competitions. He became a professional and also a Fids specialist , leaving contests to become a judge.Exactly during a competition he met Graziella , creating a couple in life and then in Tango. His previous experiences allowed him , quickly , to refine his technique and to personalize it.TOGETHER. Rino and Graziella have been teaching in several Italian Tango schools and they preside over En Tus Brazos association in Catania and Eboli (Salerno). Their goal is to deepen the technical evolution of Tango through lessons and practices giving the fundamentale tools to manage and create everyone’s Tango. 

They are organizers of events such as Catania Summer Tango Week and they have participated as teachers and performers at various national and international Tango Events touring in EUROPE , USA and CHINA. Ideators and choreographers of the theatral Tango show “Which Tango are you?” on stage in Italian theatres.

Saturday April 22

1:00 - 2:15 pm : Techniques to understand the internal and esthetics movements for Leaders and followers 

2:30- 3:45 pm : Milonguero and Salon style same combination in two different ways 

4 - 5 pm practice 

Milonga 9 pm - 1 am - professional performance at 11 pm 

Sunday April 23th 

1:00 - 2:15 pm - Lets play with the free Leg - creative art yet technical.

2:30 - 3:45 pm - It is time for Volcadas - interm/advance level 

4 - 7 milonguita 

 Whole weekend $160 , All day Saturday $100, All day Sunday $80, One class $35, Milonga Only $ 30, Milonguita Only $15

Private lessons are available . please contact Muna Swairjo to arrange time .