Nikhil's Investor Lounge: Amy from Quake Capital

Nikhil's Investor Lounge: Amy from Quake Capital

Dec 14, 202105:00 pm

Dec 14, 202106:00 pm(GMT+0)


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If you want investments, you need to understand investors

Welcome to Nikhil's investor lounge, your place to learn what investors really want and how to win them for your startup! Fundraising is a challenging activity for most founders. What do investors want? How do I excite them about my product? What makes them say YES! and which red flags do you need to avoid? This and more we will discuss in Nikhil's Investor Lounge. Every month we are inviting high-profile investors from around the globe to uncover their thoughts, experience, and ideas on startup investments.

Meet the investor: Amy Coveny from Quake Capital

Experienced growth operator turned venture capitalist with a track record of helping scale companies from pre-seed to IPO. Skilled in go-to-market, sales, and business development strategy, execution of goals, team leadership, and portfolio management. A firm believer in giving back, raising the bar of excellence, an attitude of gratitude, and the importance of each decision.

Meet your host: Nikhil Madan

To interview these amazing investors we have DueDash co-founder, serial entrepreneur, and investor Nikhil Madan. A global entrepreneur turned investor turned entrepreneur again. He has a firm belief that one should be an entrepreneur for the right reasons and not just for the next funding round.

His love of cars and robots brought about the development of multiple aerospace and automotive manufacturing businesses, while his passion for technology kept him in the software business. He places the highest value on “getting the job done” and 'customer delight.' Making customers' happiness a key priority is for him the main reason he was able to build multi-million € revenue businesses. Now, he has already 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In total, he founded 8 startups, is an electronics engineer by training, and a Berkeley Haas Alumni.