Wealthy Place Vision Board Experience

Wealthy Place Vision Board Experience

Dec 29, 201909:30 pm

Dec 30, 201901:00 am(GMT+0)


Genius@Work 611 N. Broadway Suite 100 Milwaukee, WI. 53202

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Bring In The New Year With YOUR Custom Designed Vision Board!

Who should attend this Vision Board Session? 

If you have ever made a New Year’s resolution only to go right back to the daily grind and forget all about it… You’ve ever written a plan to achieve your goals, but felt the need to have a more visual representation of them to bring them to life. You understand the importance of your environment and it’s impact on your mindset and success…

This Session will give you an overview of a vision board’s purpose and use. Give you guidance to develop a fresh and energizing vision of your life. Bring you to the stage of accountability to be honest about what you want so you don’t settle (no more playing small!). Complete guidance and support as you create your vision board during the session.

The Vision Board Session will:

Ensure that you come away with a vivid representation of your goals to keep you committed and motivated.

Give you a much clearer vision of what you want and some ideas for how to get there. Help you maintain or revitalize your forward momentum. Empower you with reminders of the great and exciting things you have imagined for your life

When you first develop a new goal or envision the future that you want for yourself, it can be very exciting and motivating. Goals, however, take time to accomplish, and it’s easy for that initial passion to fade away.

A great way to stay inspired and motivated is to create a vision board – a vivid representation of your desired experiences and accomplishments that you can view every day.

When you keep your goals front and center you mentally absorb them and give more attention to those activities and efforts that connect you with them. That is why so many successful people create vision boards and why vision boards can be a powerful motivator during your life’s journey.

Creating a vision board can seem simple – just cut out images from magazines and glue them to a poster board, right? While this strategy may result in a poster filled with nice images that you liked, it may not be a “winning” vision board that really helps capture your goals and spurs you on to success. Great vision boards need to be developed with intention and care. There are certain factors to consider and questions to answer before you begin crafting the project. 

The power of a vision board is maximized both before and during the process of creating it, and getting guidance and direction from a professional can make a big difference!

Workshop Includes: Refreshments, Vision Board Supply Bar, Including your board.

Visit our Blings & Things bar to really jazz up your board and make it your own. 

Attire: Comfortable clothing. 

What to bring: A photo of you and those you would like to include on your board, and personal photos.. 

You will gain full access to our Digital Vision Board community as well.

Meet The Bucket List Coach: Shontina, began hosting mommy and me vision board sessions in 2009, and it has evolved each and every year. Shontina is an International Best Selling Co-Author, a wife, mom of two amazing daughters, and grandma. Her life and business experiences has led her to become a highly sought after High Performance Coach who gives individuals the road map to stop pressing the snooze button on their dreams! Shontina, teaches individuals how to write their own check, while focusing on checking off their life long bucket list! She was certified as a Coach specializing in Women's Issues and Diversity in 2005, and leads an organization of entrepreneurs Nationwide. She just recently took her love and passion for travel, and launched her dream Business & Lifestyle Company, SGGN Group Entrepreneurs Society, based in Milwaukee, WI. Shontina is showing individuals how to stress less while performing at their best!