DueDash Startup Lounge: 77 steps to investability

DueDash Startup Lounge: 77 steps to investability

Mar 30, 202203:00 pm

Mar 30, 202204:00 pm(GMT+0)


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If you want to be the next unicorn or zebra, you first need to build an investable successful company.

Welcome to the DueDash Startup Lounge. We break down what it actually takes to build a great startup, what makes it investable, and how you deal with difficult investor curveballs. There are 77 types of questions investors will throw at you and these questions are not only the basis to win an investor meeting but also the basis of a great business. Because investors do exactly that, trying to understand if your business will grow wings and fly or if it falls down the cliff. Every month, we are inviting high-profile investors and successful startup founders from around the globe to uncover their thoughts, experience, and ideas on building investable businesses.

The proven way to investability

To start this journey, it will be important that you understand the essential building blocks of an investable business and the questions investors will ask. You need to know, why you built your business, which market opportunity there is, your solution, your roadmap to creating a great product, how much traction you already have, the business model that brings in your revenues, who your competitors are, your financial situation and your team. If you don't perform well in these areas, you will have a problem. In this session, we will walk you through the steps that are relevant and where you should start working on today!

Meet the guest: Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Founder & CEO – ABC Talkies - Shalibhadra Shah

Shalibhadra has more than 25 years of experience industry experience. In his previous avatar, he was CEO of a leading Design and Production studio in India. His claim to fame is his 20 years of experience working for the most recognized Global Leader of the world, the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi. Working with a global leader has given with great insights and learnings. He quit his high-profile job in 2020 to pursue his personal ambitions and the pandemic gave him time to ponder and in June 2020 he along with his friend founded ABC Talkies, India’s first FilmTech and Marketplace.

Meet your host: Nikhil Madan

To interview these amazing founders, we have DueDash co-founder, serial entrepreneur, and investor Nikhil Madan. A global entrepreneur turned investor turned entrepreneur again. He has a firm belief that one should be an entrepreneur for the right reasons and not just for the next funding round.

His love of cars and robots brought about the development of multiple aerospace and automotive manufacturing businesses, while his passion for technology kept him in the software business. He places the highest value on “getting the job done” and 'customer delight.' Making customers' happiness a key priority is for him the main reason he was able to build multi-million € revenue businesses. Now, he has already 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In total, he founded 8 startups, is an electronics engineer by training, and a Berkeley Haas Alumni.