Godly Attributes Retreat Online Stream

Jul 14, 2020, 10:00 p.m.



Godly Attributes Retreat Online Stream

Jul 14, 202010:00 pm

Jul 21, 202010:00 pm(GMT+0)



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All of us, in one way or another, are in search of God, even without knowing it.

Some are searching for a better life, others are searching for happiness, some are searching for love and a few are consciously searching for the truth and asking themselves “Who am I?”

The reality of God is not a matter of belief, but of experience.

In the yogic tradition it is said that God is both transcendent and immanent, both beyond normal comprehension and at the same time right here, so close, present everywhere.

What we call God is a reality which transcends the mind, it goes beyond thoughts, beyond concepts, and yet it is deeply intimate because we all have a spark of divinity within us.

This reality has been called by various names in many spiritual traditions, God, The Supreme Consciousness, The Absolute, Shiva, Allah, Elohim.

In YOGA the reality of the human being is deeply mysterious, and the highest aim of yoga is to gain direct, immediate knowledge of the truth about who we are, and the nature of consciousness and existence itself. With other words, to know God.

The yogic journey of self realisation is taking us from Ahamkara (the ego) to Jivatman (the soul) to Atman (The Supreme Self) and eventually to attaining the ultimate spiritual realisation, where the supreme individual essence ATMAN merges with the Supreme Consciousness PARATMAN, or BRAHMAN (GOD).

The great wise Shankara states in his work VIVEKA CHUDAMANI that: “The error of identifying ATMAN with non ATMAN is the cause of man’s birth and rebirth. This false identification is done by the mind”.

No matter the paths enforced by YOGA, they all lead to the same unique target: the Supreme.