Nerd Nite Tokyo 4th Birthday: Watchwords

Nerd Nite Tokyo 4th Birthday: Watchwords

Jun 26, 202011:00 am

Jun 26, 202001:30 pm(GMT+0)


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Nerd Nite has been bringing you smart shows in Tokyo for FOUR YEARS! We're all about using knowledge to make things better, especially now when it seems like the world is burning. So whether you're protesting or just want to stay safe online, let's learn about cybersecurity this month. Plus, some good old-fashioned magic to puzzle your mind and make you smile. Tune in on YouTube, no mask required.

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Speakers and approximate schedule (times JST):

1. (20:15) John A. Baumlin Jr. -- Digital Tools for Democracy (

End-to-End Encryption? Blockchain? Fediverse!? The protesters in Hong Kong aren't hosting their human rights meetings on Zoom, organizing on Facebook, or storing their files on Google! This talk will give an overview of tools that activists and protesters can use to make movements more effective and everyday life less centralized. Hear from a real protester and learn about some of the newest technologies to take control of your data and transmit it safely!

2. (21:00) Steve Marshall -- The Psychology of Magic (

A rerun of a classic talk from the early days of Nerd Nite. We still have no idea how that levitating table works.

3. (21:45) Joan Chen -- Password Protected? Myths and Risks in Cybersecurity

Do you need to memorize your password or change it regularly? What is the past and future of passwords? How do companies and governments use risk and probability analysis to strengthen authentication? Nerd Nite's resident cybersecurity expert has the answers!

When: June 26 (Friday), start 20:00 (JST) [12pm London, 7am New York]

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