The Manual to Great Therapy (Perth)

The Manual to Great Therapy (Perth)

May 15, 202101:00 am

May 16, 202108:30 am(GMT+0)


Back In Motion, Seville Grove, 2/82 Champion Dr, Seville Grove 6112

Event details

The Manual to Great Therapy

One of Australia's most progressive courses built for the 2021 private practice physiotherapists, focusing on possibly the hottest topic in physiotherapy right now - the judicious use of manual therapy.

Aim - to promote manual therapy as a tool to get great clinical results, to discuss the evidence and understanding it to have the confidence to actually to use this tool.

Why should you attend?

Attendees will learn and understand how manual therapy works, to replace old narratives about 'putting things back into place, stretching scar tissue etc' which will improve the therapists' acceptance of manual therapy.

There is so much pressure from the wider community that manual therapy is a low value tool, but James and Kieran's experiences echo that it is one of the highest value tools to get immediate results and get the client to follow your care as they feel better!

Whilst you are doing manual therapy and making them feel better is when you can deliver positive messages to your client. You can use this as a tool to get these messages through as people want this and expect this.

People see soft tissue treatment and mobilisation as treatment. When you are just talking to them people think 'this is good, but when are you actually going to treat me? When are you actually going to do the treatment?'

We want to teach you why one physio does one technique, but another physio does the same technique and gets a completely different result? We will teach you how to optimise your handling, the importance of the science behind mobilisation! (Yes, it actually exists). If you know the science of choosing the best technique, and we show you and you apply this practically and you can see the benefits, what would this do for your practice?

Course Outline

Day 1

• What is Manual Therapy?

• Where are we at culturally, compared to what the evidence say

• The research to support manual therapy

• How does it work? The science behind it.

• Marrying the science with the art.

• How do you explain what you are doing to a client?

• Choosing the best technique

• Spinal techniques

o Maitland

o Mulligan

o Neurodynamics

Day 2

• Cx

• Tx


• Peripheral joint techniques

• Shoulder

• Elbow

• Hip

• Knee

• Ankle

• Integrating MT into your total care

• How often should a client receive manual therapy?

• Rx frequency

• When to know to cease manual therapy

o The power of a trial of no therapy

Presenter Bios

James Schomburgk

James Schomburgk is the owner of The Second Visit, an international clinical education company.

He is a lecturer in Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine at the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide.

He is also Director of Back in Motion Campbelltown and Valley View In 2017 he was awarded the ‘ Most Inspiring Director’ for the Back in Motion Health Group, a group of practices across the World.

He was the State SA Director of Back in Motion for its 1st 4 years before selling so he could return to clinical consulting.

He was the WorkCover South Australia Physio Advisor for 8 years, is an Expert Advisor to AHPRA (Australian Health Professional Registration Authority) and has been the National President of MPA (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia).

He has been a Board member for the Australian Physiotherapy Association and remains a very active member of the profession representing the APA in many committees.

He was a lecturer and clinical supervisor at the School of Physiotherapy for 11 years at the University of SA in both the postgraduate and undergraduate programs, and has been a guest lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy at Flinders University

He was also a Clinical Supervisor for the musculoskeletal master’s program at Latrobe University.

James’ main passion is sharing clinical knowledge to physiotherapists and doctors. Not only has he been a keynote speaker, but he also presents courses on low back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, , knee and hip OA, clinical reasoning, and manual therapy across the world.

He is also one of the APA Spinal and Neck Level 1 and 2 presenters, of which there are only 10 who are qualified in Australia

His biggest love is translating research into clinical practice and has been presenting his LBP courses for well over 10 years. His greatest skill is simplifying complicated clinical approaches.

Kieran Richardson

Kieran Richardson is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and the Director of Global Specialist Physiotherapy, a consultancy company of expert clinicians, academics and educators offering Formal Mentoring for health care professionals, ongoing Professional Development and Second Opinions for difficult patient presentations.

He has completed a Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Majoring in Manipulative Therapy) on the renowned post-graduate teaching program at Curtin University in Perth, and a Fellowship at the Australian College of Physiotherapy, considered by many to be the most rigorous and best post-Masters clinical qualification in the world. He is currently also assisting in various research projects around Australia.

He has previously held formal academic undergraduate and post-graduate positions at multiple universities, and still acts as a guest lecturer around Australia at universities and conferences.

He regularly runs tutorials on the research evidence for, and clinical application of, manual therapy assessment and management in the musculoskeletal system, both locally in Perth and live via online platforms.

Kieran is a passionate advocate for using manual therapy in a simple, contemporary, evidence-based and balanced way as a part of a complete approach, helping patients, clinicians and clinics get fantastic long-term outcomes.

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