August 2023 PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore

August 2023 PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore

Aug 08, 202312:00 noon

Aug 08, 202301:30 pm(GMT+0)


The Hive Carpenter

Event details

We're back!

PPTK: A comedy show powered by PowerPoint (actually Google Slides).

PowerPoint Karaoke is the show where the everything is made up, the slides are nonsense and the presenters don’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s different from your meetings at work though because PPTK is fun, funny, and all about audience participation.

Presenters get slides they’ve never seen before and 5 minutes to do their thing, like:

  • Running for President by giving everyone a kitten
  • Selling an underwater phone to mermaids
  • Pitching Hollywood execs a movie called Ah Boys to Manatees

Best of all, audiences get to decide and suggest what speakers talk about. And, if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can volunteer also to be a speak.

Come watch our madcap comedy presentation show and never look at slide decks again. PPT! PPT! PPT!

Time and Venue

🗓️ 8 August 2023 | 8pm to 9.30pm

🏛️ The Hive Carpenter


Entry for one @ $15

About PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore (PPTK)

PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore has been staged since 2017 at open mics with great response from the audience. PowerPoint Karaoke also performed at the opening of the Singapore Improv Festival 2018 and Flipside 2021 at The Esplanade.

Co-hosted by The Hive Carpenter 

Located in the financial heart of Singapore, the Hive Carpenter is part of Asia's most extensive network of co-working spaces. Set over the entire six storeys of a beautiful brand new building within the CBD.

* Ticket sales are final. No refunds available.