Fountain of Youth | Online Meditation & Energy Alignment

Fountain of Youth | Online Meditation & Energy Alignment

Feb 01, 202008:30 pm

Feb 01, 202009:30 pm(GMT+0)


Online - in your living room!

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Are you ready to tap into your 'Fountain of Youth'?

We live in a world obsessed with youth and appearance. Yet, in ancient cultures the revered ones were the elders whose beauty came from their wisdom.💖

Instead of fearing the ageing process revel in the beauty of your wisdom instead!

You may be experiencing issues with your body image, natural beauty, the ageing process or all of the above.

Join Us to remember and embody the truth & beauty beyond physical appearances.

Embrace creativity & a child-like nature to transmute your mind's fears & negative thoughts into beautiful creations with child-like curiosity & spend 2020 making beautiful things outside you in your business, your kitchen, your garden or your art studio & accept the beauty & youth already exist in you at any age.

In doing this you'll transform yourself & leave with:

🌟A Buzzing Calm Energy

🌟Increased Confidence

🌟Better Relationships

🌟Feeling More Connected

🌟Being More Relaxed

🌟Being a Higher Performing

🌟Being Healthier in your Body, Mind & Soul

Join Jen, & find out why more & more people are joining us monthly for our 60 minute Online Transformational Meditation & Energy Alignment, get back the balance & beam out the energy you want to attract in all areas fo your life to make 2020 your best year yet!

The best part - when you're like that you attract others like that around you too!

Who is this for? Everyone from beginners to experienced meditators. All ages from teens above join us. The power of the group to shift and calm the space is exponential. It will incorporate chakra clearing and alignment, guided meditation, gratitude & a global peace contribution. You will leave feeling calm, energised, loved & like a weight has been lifted and life has just changed profoundly for the better.

Can I have someone with me on the call? You can, we would ask you to simply purchase 2 or 3, or how many of you there are tickets so there is a fair exchange.

How do I join? The link to join will be sent through 30 minutes before the meditation for your ease and access.

What to bring:

* Headphones

* Log In Device (phone or laptop)

* A comfy seat in a chair or on the floor

* Wear comfortable clothes

* A quiet, peaceful space

* Water

* Be on the call a few minutes early to check you have the software to get you on!

* Be prepared for a shift of calmness & becoming more grounded & connected.

What others have said?

'Thanks again. These keep getting deeper & deeper. I felt the shift and uplift more strongly again this time.'

'Wow, that was amazing thank you. I didn't know I was blocked there but feel so much better now.'

'That was powerful, thank you! I feel so calm and determined. I know it's going to be an abundant month now.'

'I'm so pleased I did this. It has given me a whole lot more awareness, gratitude & connection.'

How do I sign up? Register using the green registration button to the right or below.

What if I can't make it? Make sure you register & if you can get on the call do. You may have to be unreasonable - that's how change happens. The power of the group energy is always amplified, however if you really can't make it we have your back. We will send you a link to the recording to watch at your convenience..

We look forward to seeing you and supporting you to surrender all that hinders your happiness so you can move forward - calm, empowered & ready for 2020 to be you best year yet!

Please note that by accepting the legal terms you are just agreeing to receive the email link from us directly for the event and the link to the recordings after the event. You will not receive information from EventsFrame & we hate spam too so will never send it.