DueDash Investor Lounge: Catching unicorns while they are ponies

DueDash Investor Lounge: Catching unicorns while they are ponies

Oct 12, 2022 5 PM (CEST) - 6 PM


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Investors need the right timing as well

More and more venture capital goes into early-stage startups, which means that the investors focusing on such companies need to make sure they catch them early. How do investors assess the potential of a startup and use their data to get an accurate picture? How can a startup itself showcase itself and become one such potential that investors will gladly invest their money in? This and more we will cover in our next session.

Meet your guest: Mandar Joshi

M Strategy Global

After leaving his last corporate position as Group CFO of a conglomerate spread across 17 countries, Mandar established M Strategy Global during the year 2015. Over the last 7 years, we have grown exponentially across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and India. M Strategy Global has a senior leadership team of 20+ professionals which consists of investment bankers, financial strategists, business turnaround experts and venture capitalists. 

Venture Catalysts

Mandar is a proud shareholder of Venture Catalysts, Asia's largest integrated incubator. We are ranked as World's 2nd most active early-stage investor. Venture Catalysts operates out of 48 partner offices in various cities and towns of India, apart from its international operations in the Americas, Middle East and South East Asia. We have established two regulated funds, viz.:

- 9 Unicorns Accelerator Fund, a 120 Million USD sector-agnostic fund investing in idea-stage start-ups

- Beams Fintech Fund, a 100 Million USD Fintech focussed fund investing in growth stage start-ups

Horses Stable - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar

Mandar is a shareholder as well as a Non-Executive Director of Horses Productions Private Limited, a media production company, which co-produces India's first reality television show on start-up investments along with Bollywood Superstar Mr. Suniel Shetty. The Show is called 'Horses Stable - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar'. Season 4 of the show aired on Aaj Tak HD, one of the most popular national news channels in India. We are supported by NITI Aayog and Atal Innovation Mission, the two most empowered Indian government organizations focused on the development of the start-up ecosystem. 

Horses Stable - Junior

An initiative that arguably is the first of its kind in the world. Horses Stable production team is in the process of running a nationwide competition for innovators in the age group of 10 to 17 years. Horses Stable - Junior will be broadcasted as a reality television show on business idea pitching which would give well-deserved exposure to India's young entrepreneurial talent. 


Theatre is very close to Mandar's heart. Mandar has acted in the community as well as commercial theatre and has, in multiple ways, supported the creation of performances, stage shows, and other artistic efforts in different formats.

Mandar has lived in Dubai for the last 10 years and has traveled across continents. He is frequently invited to speak at conferences on topics related to the global start-up ecosystem and his investment thesis.

Meet your host: Parul Madan

To interview these amazing investors, we have DueDash founder, serial entrepreneur, and investor Parul Madan. A global entrepreneur turned investor turned entrepreneur again. She combines knowledge, experiences, and successes from the corporate, entrepreneurial, and investor world all into one.

She is a successful entrepreneur who has founded and led many companies to successful exits. As an active early-stage investor, she has invested in 40 start-ups worldwide and is also Managing Director of Quake Europe, where she led the 5G Accelerator Program in partnership with Deutsche Telekom and RTL. Parul established the Founder Institute, a pre-seed accelerator program from Silicon Valley here in the Cologne region in 2017, and in 2020 founded DueDash with a mission to leave no investable start-ups behind.

If you want investments, you need to understand investor relations

Welcome to the DueDash Investor Lounge, your place to learn what investors really want and how to win them for your startup! Fundraising is a challenging activity for most founders. Especially as most founders misunderstand that fundraising is actually a process. So a more adequate term is investor relations. And here the questions only start. What do investors want? How do I excite them about my product company? How do I continuously nurture investor relationships? What makes them say YES! and which red flags do you need to avoid? This and more we will discuss in DueDash's Investor Lounge. Every month, we are inviting high-profile investors and successful startup founders from around the globe to uncover their thoughts, experience, and ideas on startup investments.


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