DueDash Investor Lounge: Democratizing startup investments with angel syndicates

DueDash Investor Lounge: Democratizing startup investments with angel syndicates

Sep 19, 202312:00 noon

Sep 19, 202301:00 pm(GMT+0)


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Angel syndicates change the investment landscape

We will be diving into the transformative influence Angel Syndicates have on the startup investment scene. These collective groups are democratizing early-stage deals, allowing individual investors to pool resources and expertise. As they challenge traditional venture capital norms, Angel Syndicates opens doors for diverse investors, spurring innovation and collaboration. Join us to learn more about how this will change the ecosystem and how you can get started as a business angel.

Meet your guest: Founder of AngelSchool, Jed Ng

Jed Ng is a self-taught angel with 1x exit and has backed 2 startups from seed to unicorn. He started his own syndicate in 2020 and is backed by 1000+ LPs today. He is also the Founder of AngelSchool.vc- a venture education program that helps angel investors build their own syndicates in just 8 weeks.

As an operator, He built the world’s largest API Marketplace with RapidAPI (a16z backed).

Meet your host: Parul Madan

To interview these amazing investors, we have DueDash founder, serial entrepreneur, and investor Parul Madan. A global entrepreneur turned investor turned entrepreneur again. She combines knowledge, experiences, and successes from the corporate, entrepreneurial, and investor world all into one.

She is a successful entrepreneur who has founded and led many companies to successful exits. As an active early-stage investor, she has invested in 40 start-ups worldwide and is also Managing Director of Quake Europe, where she led the 5G Accelerator Program in partnership with Deutsche Telekom and RTL. Parul established the Founder Institute, a pre-seed accelerator program from Silicon Valley here in the Cologne region in 2017, and in 2020 founded DueDash with a mission to leave no investable start-ups behind.