PhotoReading Online Certification Training

PhotoReading Online Certification Training

Nov 20, 201808:00 pm

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Comfort of Your Own Home via Video Webinar

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This the Online Video Webinar Version of my now legendary PhotoReading Workshop

'Wow! This is a simple yet incredibly powerful and liberating skill to have that transforms and skyrockets the ability to absorb and recall information when needed. Marilyn is energetic and engaging, always ready to support, keeps you moving and on track throughout the course.' PHOTOREADING VIDEO WEBINAR ATTENDEE FEEDBACK

PhotoReading is an accelerated reading and learning technique and system which allows you to get through written information more quickly whilst being able to remember and recall what you've read. You can read the feedback from the first incredible Online Webinar event here:

It typically takes approximately 5 minutes to PhotoRead a whole book from start to finish, and our starting speed at the Workshop is reading at 25,000 words per minute.

I know it sounds crazy outlandish and stuff the Limitless movie is made of; which by the way we're doing a lot of, so I've put some client testimonial Blog links at the end of this description so you can read and watch their feedback for yourself.

It is life and business and spiritually enhancing as well as being beneficial for pre and postgraduate students and those studying for professional exams.

First question. Can you learn PhotoReading in this format? 

Below is the feedback from one of the first people to take my 1-Day Online Video DVD Training when I launched it back in 2014:

'Hello Marilyn,

I had a wonderful time this weekend feeling like a fly on the wall at your Photoreading workshop, I cant believe all of that happened on one day, wow! I loved the page 23 moment and cried during your huna session, I need some of that pod poc stuff please! 

Lots of love

Susan xx' Lawyer, London

How do you participate in the Video Webinar Training?

I cover everything I teach on my in-person PhotoReading Workshop. During the live event attendees were able to get feedback and ask questions via the written Chat Room (much the same as you would comment using something like Facebook live) or by switching on their microphone or webcam to interact in real time. 

You have access to those Q&A Sessions as part of the recordings.

There will also be some Checkpoint Tests to ensure you've 'got it' and understood the concepts and an Online Quiz following completion of the 21-Hour Webinar Course. 

You can also purchase the Webinar directly from the Webinar Platform: It is charged in US$ and you will have instant access (rather than me having to set you up).

What Happens if you can't make the dates?

The good news with this is there are no 'dates' as such. You can get started as soon as today by clicking the green Registration button or booking directly via the Webinar Platform site: (pricing in US$)

You have lifetime access to the 3-Day Workshop and Course Materials should you want to catch or go back and review the information in the future. 

As a previous Live Workshop attendee put it:

'For everyone who has ever wanted to do this training; now is your chance. It can't get easier or better priced than this. Study from the comfort of your own home!

I really liked the live training and...... It would have been a lot easier to do it from home. Travelling to Watford and staying there for a couple of nights do add up both in time and money.

Marilyn, good luck with this new platform.'

Course Materials

You will receive pdf copies of the course materials, mp3 downloads, and handouts. The course materials include:

  • 150 page PhotoReading book by Paul R Scheele pdf download.
  • Exclusive PhotoReading Playbook Quick Reference Guide pdf download.
  • Tips and Insights CD mp3 download.
  • PhotoReading Paraliminal CD mp3 download.
  • PhotoReading Lifetime Refresher Certificate* via post. You will received your Certificate upon completion of the final Online Quiz.

For more information, client testimonial videos, and to see what's included in the live Workshop visit my main website:

There will be an additional £50 (plus shipping charge) if you wanted physical copies of the 150-page PhotoReading book, PhotoReading Playbook, Tips & Insights CD, and Paraliminal CD. 

Can you effectively use a video training to get real results?

Below is the feedback from one of my clients who failed a professional exam and took herself through my 1-Day Online Video DVD Programme:

'Hi Marilyn, here it goes!

I have wanted to do the PhotoReading course for ages but due to finances, I couldn't, so I decided to purchase the on-line DVD version, so pleased I did. 

Marilyn is a fantastic coach and I felt like I was there in the room with everyone else. I did the exercises and felt completely in-tune with the others, I didn't pass my exam, the first time round in September before purchasing the PhotoReading DVD, but with doing to exercises from the DVD which I found invaluable. When it came to revising I followed the Mind-Mapping exercise that Marilyn shared; I gained so much knowledge and information.

When it came to me sitting my exam a few weeks later, I was calm and focussed, I remembered a lot from all the Mind Maps in my head. I have learnt from the course that I am a visual learner, I didn't know this beforehand.

Thank you Marilyn this is totally inspiring. 

This should be promoted more in schools and Adult learning. Makes me want to do more of your courses. Thank you for this opportunity. xx

Yes happy for you to put my name to it. Thank you. Xx' Sieta Jones

One of the first Video Webinar Attendees said:

'Marilyn is energetic and engaging, always ready to support, keeps you moving and on track throughout the course.

Wow! This is a simple yet incredibly powerful and liberating skill to have that transforms and skyrockets the ability to absorb and recall information when needed.

Thank you for an intensive and unforgettable weekend of training. Your energy is incredible and something I will definitely keep in mind to practice to emulate!'

You have the added benefit of doing the full 2.5 day Workshop PLUS real time interaction.

About Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish is a Business Graduate, holds a Post Graduate Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, is a Corporate Trainer, Management Consultant, and Prince2 Project Manager. She is also a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified PhotoReading Instructor, Soul Plan Reader, and Certified Angel Intuitive and Tarot Card Reader, and Certified Life and Executive Coach.

She is also a Practitioner in EFT, EmoTrance, DNA Theta Healing, Hawaiian Huna, Access Bars, Access Consciousness, Energetic NLP, Positive EFT, Past Life Regression, Opening the Heart (OTH), Future Life Progression, and Reiki.

In addition Marilyn is Freelance Magazine Writer, Keynote Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator. She has been in the field of personal development since the year 2000 after giving up her Chartered Accountancy studies to become a Coach and Hypnotherapist. 

Marilyn has 30 years Event Management to date, starting with her first Undergraduate job working for the ICL International Training Centre at Beaumont House Windsor and as a Conference Manager and Event Producer for Centaur Publishing in London through to Event Managing 5,000 people personal development conferences, designing and delivering Corporate trainings, workshops and away days since 2003, and designing and delivering how own conferences, teleseminars, and webinars.

She took her PhotoReading Instructor Training with Paul Scheele and Lynette Ayers in March 2002.

Marilyn Devonish

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Additional Training and International Skype Coaching Options

If the full PhotoReading Workshop isn't for you at the present and you would prefer the 1-Day Online Video DVD version you can purchase it here: It also includes the option for booking international Skype Coaching Sessions. 

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