Flawless Consulting Workshops_Sept & Oct 2021

Oct 19, 2021, 01:00 p.m.


Online via Zoom Meetings

Flawless Consulting Workshops_Sept & Oct 2021

Oct 19, 202101:00 pm

Oct 21, 202104:30 pm(GMT+0)


Online via Zoom Meetings

Event details

Flawless Consulting 1 – The Virtual Experience is specifically designed to meet the needs of the increasing number of people working remotely. It is based on the highly acclaimed in-person workshop designed by Peter Block. This virtual experience teaches the skills to have Influence, Impact and build Accountability and Commitment even when working from home. In an atmosphere where building Relationships becomes even more crucial, this experience combines:

  1. Our online Learning Portal for pre/post-workshop engagement and learning
  2. Highly interactive Instructor-Led Sessions that include lecture, instructor-led roleplays and skill practice in small breakouts
  3. Post-session One-on-one coaching for each participant to sustain the learning and enhance on-the-job application

In this Experience, you will learn:

  • The skills of relationship-building and influencing others
  • To work in a trusting partnership role with clients/colleagues
  • To develop commitment from your clients/colleagues through skilled contracting
  • To assertively express what you want for a successful partnership
  • To identify and manage various resistance styles
  • To negotiate more effective and enduring agreements with clients/colleagues avoiding no-win situations

Flawless Consulting 1 – The Virtual Experience is the perfect solution for effectively engaging clients/colleagues and humanizing our digital world.

Even the best of consulting relationships can get difficult when we decide to move ahead with a project and gather the data we need to solve the business problem. Our problem: we often ignore the political system we are operating in and focus on just data and facts.

We view the personal complaints from people in the system as distractions. We also intuitively realize that what the client wants, won’t solve the problem. So how do we tell the client what we know they do not want to hear?

Too often, we take the easy road and ignore the underlying issues.

Designed Learning’s Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery will provide you with the skills to uncover the social system in which the technical solutions and recommendations you and the client develop will be put into action. Too often, we view this stage of the consulting process as data collection and diagnosis, failing to realize that the answer is already in the room. This workshop, designed by Peter Block helps internal consultants provide real feedback in ways that build the client/consultant relationship and build trust. Rather than living as if we are captured by the political system, we can develop the skills to become advocates for our clients’ own self-discovery and self-sufficiency.

Please note, in order to ensure the diversity of perspectives that enable a productive learning experience, it is advised that enrollment be limited to a maximum of 4 registrants per organization. If you would like to bring this program in-house, please contact Chris Witt by phone: 1 (513) 207-8866 or email.