Tantra couple's date night in

Tantra couple's date night in

Nov 26, 2022 7:45 PM (AEDT) - 9:15 PM



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Your partner walks in the door and greets you with a smile, a hug. You pause and press your foreheads together, arms touching, standing still. Being.

In a few short breaths you feel deeply connected. Like there's a bond that really matters. You feel seen and heard. Loved. Adored.

You feel yourself relaxing into the embrace softening. You feel held and connected in a way that dissolves the stress of the evening rhythm.

After the kids are settled you move to the bedroom, taking a moment to connect again.

To once again stand facing each other, gazing into each others' eyes, one hand in the centre of the other's chest.

Taking this moment - together - you feel yourself relax.

You soften.

Your connection easily shifts into beautiful love-making.

Sound too good to be true?

I'm here to tell you it's not.

With a little bit of intention, a few very simple tools and some tantric understanding this could be yours.

Join me, tantra and yoga teacher, qualified coach and sexology student and my willing co-demonstrator hubby for a fully clothed online (via zoom) tantra date night in.

We'll share:

  • Light tantric theory
  • basic connection exercises you can even do with friends
  • tantric touch techniques (non-explicit) to explore deep connection and intimacy, bringing more trust, joy and love into your relationship
  • ways to extend all the above into the bedroom (which you can try after the session)

N.B. This is a fully clothed and non-explicit event

Learn more about Emma:

Your pleasure coach, Emma McCann, supports people to experience intuitive, mindful and embodied pleasure in life and bed. Working with Emma is an invitation to a deep unlearning then re-learning a new, more intuitive way of being full of integrity to self with loads of pleasure. Emma's work relies on building a strong foundation of nervous system regulation from which the capacity and mindset for pleasure can be developed.

Working with a range of techniques, Emma blends her training in psychology, trauma-informed practice, yoga, tantra, meditation, intuition and pleasure to support clients to activate their most pleasurable life and soulful sexual intimacy.

One of Emma's strongest gifts is the way she reflects back the most poignant parts of your journey/story so you feel completely held and heard. The deep rapport and validation creates a foundation for unparalleled real, meaningful and lasting transformation.

Kind words about Emma and her work:


I have loved every bit of our time together and depth we go to. You seriously are incredible at the beautiful curated container of safety you offer as well as what you share. Game changing. I am truly grateful. Thank you Emma' Karen S

'I'm having the best sex of my 25 year marriage.' anon

'This completely changed our relationship.' anon

'Emma I am filled with respect and admiration for you after participating last night. I thought that it was amazing and I feel like I am embarking on an exciting and positive journey. I was also simply filled with awe seeing you in your professional role. You are very talented and I am very happy to be undertaking this journey with you. Much love.' Larissa


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Tantra couples date night in

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One couple's ticket to the tantra date in on zoom

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$ 169

This package includes one couple ticket to the tantra d...

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