Register for PSLE English Exam Prep Course

Register for PSLE English Exam Prep Course

Feb 7, 2023 7 PM (+08) - 9 PM


Online via Zoom

Event details

Click on the REGISTRATION button and pay the $20 ($21.60 after GST) registration fee to secure a place. Update: Only Paper 1 (Tuesday) session has available slots. Please select Waitlist for new slots to open up. Courses start from week of 5 Feb 2023 and will be conducted online via Zoom.

Introduction by the Trainer Eliza Teoh

Hi, most of you might know me as Eliza Teoh, the author of the national bestselling Ellie Belly series. Or you might have known me from my days as a journalist at The Straits Times and sub-editor at Today. I was also on the committee of the Speak Good English Movement as well as a facilitator for the Gifted Education Programme's Creative Writing Camp for five years.

I am passionate about writing and the English language, and instilling a love for the language in children. Over the years, I have been invited to schools to:

  • mentor students in competition writing;
  • teach creative writing;
  • equip students with writing techniques;
  • instill a love for reading and the English language.

And I do this all in a fun (and funny) way, because I believe that children learn best when they are engaged and interested.

At the request of parents and teachers, who want an alternative to the usual 'English Enrichment' classes for their children, I was asked if I could create a course to help prepare students for the somewhat dreaded PSLE English exam - that children wouldn't find boring.

About the Course (Paper 1):

This course is geared towards helping students score well for English Paper 1, which is broken up into two parts: Situational Writing and Continuous Writing. 

For Situational Writing, students will be trained to understand what the question is asking for. Most students lose marks in this section because they do not answer the question. Students will also be taught how to express ideas clearly and coherently, in the correct format.

For Continuous Writing, memorising “model” compositions is no longer enough to score high marks. Examiners are looking for originality of thought, clarity in communicating ideas, and emotions expressed without using stock phrases that every student regurgitates. Among other things, students will learn techniques and skills to:

  • create their own stories quickly when given prompts
  • write confidently
  • build a cogent and logical plot based on prompts
  • to create interest and suspense to engage the examiner
  • use good vocabulary correctly and naturally
  • manage stress and writer’s block

About the Course (Paper 2):

The key to developing a good foundation in English is exposure to a wide variety of texts, including newspaper and current affairs articles, informational write-ups, short stories and novels. In each lesson, students will be exposed to different forms of written word. Texts are curated from a wide range of topics to introduce students to good grammar and new vocabulary.

To ensure students stay interested and engaged, texts will also be on topics that are mysterious, fun and quirky; students learn best when they are having fun.

Students will also be given exclusively created Paper 2 exercises (Grammar/Vocabulary/Cloze/Synthesis/Comprehension) to help them gain proficiency in:

  • grammar rules
  • new vocabulary
  • reading independently 
  • comprehension skills
  • exam skills and techniques


Paper 1:

Tuesday: 7pm - 9pm (AVAILABLE)


Wednesday 7pm - 9pm (NO SLOTS AVAILABLE)

Paper 2:

Saturday 9am - 11am (NO SLOTS AVAILABLE)


Monday 7pm - 9pm (NO SLOTS AVAILABLE)

*Maximum Enrollment: 12 students per timeslot


After you make payment for your registration, our team will contact you to pay fees for the first month a week before the first lesson. Subsequent payments are due the first week of every month.

  • One-time registration fee: $20 ($21.60 after GST)
  • $350 ($378 after GST) every month (4 lessons a month) for Paper 1 course
  • $350 ($378 after GST) every month (4 lessons a month) for Paper 2 course
  • $650 ($702 after GST) every month (8 lessons a month) for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 courses

Terms and Conditions:

  • Strictly for students who are taking their PSLE exams in 2023
  • Fees are to be paid at the start of the month.
  • Written notice must be given two weeks in advance if student does not wish to continue in the course.
  • Cameras are to be turned on at all times. No recording allowed.
  • Parents/friends/siblings are not allowed to sit in during the sessions
  • If student misses a session due to illness, the student will be provided with the exercises and learning material. There are no make-up lessons.

Payment Options:

  • Using credit card via Paypal - you don't need a PayPal account to pay
  • PayNow - Send payment to UEN201130423W041. Please email your payment confirmation together with your order number to Your registration will not be confirmed if payment is not made.

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