Mindful Leadership in Action - CAIRNS October 30 2019

Mindful Leadership in Action - CAIRNS October 30 2019

Oct 29, 201910:30 pm

Oct 30, 201906:45 am(GMT+0)


Ibis Styles Hotel - 15 Florence Street CAIRNS

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The discipline of mindfulness can transform you, your brain and your leadership performance...

With a notable increase in toxic workplace behaviour, pace, complexity and frequent change at work, the sheer number of leaders suffering stress and burn-out seems to have doubled during the last decade. If you’re a leader, you’re more likely than ever to succumb to the unrelenting pressure, caught in a maze of conflicting priorities, ambiguity, uncertainty and overload. That’s not a pretty prospect!

Leaders more and more are seeking ways to be able to put in a peak performance without sacrificing sanity and well-being.

Recent neuroscience studies show how mindfulness training can reshape neuronal pathways, exert a beneficial and healthy influence on brain function, and help leaders find clarity, calm and focus amid everyday chaos and busyness.

This is what our Mindful Leadership in Action coaching clinic is about...

A brain-training clinic for leaders to increase attention, focus, connectivity, clarity, presence & productivity…

Mindful Leadership in Action will help you reinvigorate your leadership by showing you how to integrate the mental disciplines of presence, self-reflection and focused attention into your everyday activities, without necessarily undertaking formal meditation practice.

You don’t have to meditate to be mindful. There are many other every-day ways you can train your brain to focus attention, downgrade distractions and heighten presence and clarity – deep and abiding mind-skills to lift your leadership capacity and personal productivity and strengthen your sense of balance and well-being.

In this ‘minds-on’ 1-day clinic, you will:

  • Look at what it means to lead 'mindfully'
  • See how neuro-leadership and emotional intelligence links to mindfulness training, and its practical benefits and pay-backs
  • Be introduced to 5 mental disciplines, attention-focusing exercises and tools to rewire mental habits and neural pathways for greater self-mastery and personal productivity
  • Explore how you can achieve more connectivity, compassion, resilience, presence and emotional balance – all key aspects of emotionally intelligent leaders
  • See where you are on our Mindfulness Dashboard and design a practice-regime to re-train your brain to be more mindful and self-aware
  • Take home our unique Mindful Leadership in Action self-coaching Toolkit to support your ongoing learning after the workshop

What some of our past participants have said....

'Great workshop. Excellent tools to keep on track for dealing with stressful situations and for more mindful leadership - especially being more mindful when talking with staff'  Paul, Systems Coordinator RoadTek

'Well worth it. I wanted to find ways to be more emotionally balanced and perform at my best. Content was relevant and very interesting. Bill's facilitation was great and kept my attention the whole time. If you get the opportunity - definitely do this course. Thank you for a great day ' Kerry G, Livingstone Shire Council

'I wanted to learn what mindful leadership was all about. Being mindful about things we do at work is a frequent comment of mine, and this course helped me focus more on what that is and how to do it. It gave me insight into how often we do things while not concentrating on what we're really doing, and I learnt strategies to improve my focus to achieve better outcomes with my leadership.' Don T, Queensland Transport Manager

'I wanted to be more mindful and in-tune with my staff, coming into a new coordinator role, and everything about this course was useful for that. I believe all staff in Council would benefit from this training. Thanks again for another great training day, Bill' Jenny S, Senior Customer Service Officer