My Career: The Art of Interviewing with Lopa Patel

My Career: The Art of Interviewing with Lopa Patel

Jul 01, 202110:00 am

Jul 01, 202111:30 am(GMT+0)



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‘You’ve landed an interview for the job of your dreams. You believe you fit the position, and your resume is just perfect. You’ve researched the company, the culture, the job, and the person who will be interviewing you. You’ve got your answers ready and selling points lined up. But when the interview starts, something is “off.”’


Much has been written about the body language of confidence and specific gestures such as physical stance, tone, handshake, and eye contact, but what really gets the interviewer to connect with you …?

Interviewing is one of those skills that can be learned. You practice and you get better and better. What matters is the right technique and practice. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you – ‘The Art of Interviewing’ in our next MyCareers session.

Master interviewing skills from Lopa Patel - Director Global Talent Acquisition & Future Talent @ Tetra Pak. Lopa has been on the other side of the table for more than 24 years.

During this session you will learn:

·         How to bring out your authentic self

·         The How’s and Why`s of an Interview

·         The new tools and techniques used during interviewing sessions

·         Learn to summarise and share your work experience

·         Pre, During and Post Interview tips


About the speaker:


Leading Talent Acquisition (TA) functions for some of the largest & most complex companies in the world means perpetually raising the bar, from delivering robust candidate pipelines, to creating innovative & out-of-the-box sourcing and attraction solutions. Digitizing & future-proofing assessment tools & selection techniques are some of the latest urgencies facing organizations all over the world... these are just a few of the areas where Lopa finds her intrinsic passion for TA. Lopa is a bi-lingual HR executive, with 24 years’ experience of delivering value in global resourcing and TA positions across the FMCG, Life, Nutrition and Material Science industries.