The Spiritual Journey: Being Liberated to Love

The Spiritual Journey: Being Liberated to Love

Aug 26, 202312:30 midnight

Aug 27, 202307:00 pm(GMT+0)


In-Person at Mercy Center Burlingame

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A conference for spiritual directors and all who seek liberation to love more fully.

Jung wrote, ”When love rules there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. One is the shadow of the other.” (vol.7, par 78) Narcissism and controlling power are destroying the environment, leading to divisions and war. Yet, love is the greatest power in the universe and how do we liberate it from its shackles. This is the spiritual journey. Come away for the weekend to rest and renew in one’s deepest desires.


Don Bisson, FMS is a spiritual director, trainer, and supervisor of directors, who is widely respected as a commentator and workshop leader on the inter-relationship of spirituality and psychology. A Marist brother based in New York, he has graduate degrees in liturgy, spirituality, and transpersonal psychology, and a D.Min. from the Pacific School of Religion in the area of Spiritual Direction and Jungian Psychology. For more information please visit his website:


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