"I Commit To Myself" | Online Masterclass, Transformational Meditation & Energy Alignment |       6-Sep

"I Commit To Myself" | Online Masterclass, Transformational Meditation & Energy Alignment | 6-Sep

Sep 05, 202009:30 pm

Sep 05, 202011:00 pm(GMT+0)


Online - in your living room!

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Have you been feeling a lack of energy or burnt out?

Would you like more energy, more clarity, more fulfilment & greater boundaries in every area of your life?

Every activity you do & thought you have during the day either builds or drains your energy stores.

Everyone you interact with can (either consciously or subconsciously) sense your energy and is responding to that.

When you feel drained before you even start the day, the day feels hard for you & everyone else feels like there’s something missing as well. 

Think about yourself, when you’re around someone who is completely tired & exhausted - 

How does it make you feel? Often you feel tired & exhausted too taking on their energy which makes you feel unenthused.

How do you feel when you’re around someone who is full of energy, is positive & passionate? You start to feel that way too, you feel more awake and enthused.

Learning to control how you feel in any moment means you take back the power and control around your energy & your life - and it’s simpler than you think with a few tools including strengthening your boundaries to support you along the way.

Some activities you have to do regardless of how you feel about them - your work, looking after your kids, cooking dinner, having a shower - you’ll learn some tools for making these easier as well. 

Join us for our 90 minute Online Masterclass & Transformational Meditation “I Commit To Myself” & learn to boost & support yourself in life.

You’ll leave feeling:

* MORE Energised 💃🕺

* ENHANCED Clarity 😉

* INCREASED Passion 💖

* GREATER Fulfilment & Enjoyment 😊

* CONFIDENT with tools & practices to embody nourishing yourself & others. 🙌

We’ll explore:

🔷 The Compounding Effect of committing to Yourself (for you, others, & your life).

🔷 Tools & Practices to do on the fly & when you have longer.

🔷 How to Support this Commitment & Keep Life Going!

🌈 Guided Transformational Meditation & Charka Energy Alignment

For an investment of only $47 you can join us live or catch the replay to get yourself back on track now!

When: 7.30 - 9am Sunday 6 September

Where: Online

How do I join? The link to join will be sent through 30 minutes before the masterclass for your ease and access.

What to bring:

* Notebook & Pen (yes there will be a few simple exercises for you to complete)

* Headphones

* Log In Device (phone or laptop)

* A comfy seat in a chair or on the floor

* Wear comfortable clothes

* A quiet, peaceful space

* Water

* Be on the call a few minutes early to check you have the software to get you on!

* Be prepared for a shift of calmness & becoming more grounded & connected.

What others have said?

'Wow, thank you. That was so much easier than other meditations I've tried. It calms the mind but guides it where to go.'

'Thanks again. These keep getting deeper & deeper. I felt the shift and uplift more strongly again this time.'

'Wow, that was amazing thank you. I didn't know I was blocked there but feel so much better now.'

'That was powerful, thank you! I feel so calm and determined. I know it's going to be an abundant month now.'

'I'm so pleased I did this. It has given me a whole lot more awareness, gratitude & connection.'

How do I sign up? Register using the green registration button to the right or below.

What if I can't make it? Make sure you register & if you can get on the call do. You may have to be unreasonable - that's how change happens. The power of the group energy is always amplified, however if you really can't make it we have your back. We will send you a link to the recording to watch at your convenience..

We look forward to seeing you and supporting you to surrender all that hinders your happiness so you can move forward - calm, safe, supported & confident!

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