Behavior Issues From a Dog's Perspective

Behavior Issues From a Dog's Perspective

Feb 04, 202304:00 pm

Feb 04, 202310:00 pm(GMT+0)


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In this 3 hour workshop, we will discuss and review some common issues/themes - for example, reactivity, excessive barking, restlessness, separation anxiety, shyness and more. Revealing the underlying issues helps understand these patterns.  Knowing that your dog is not just giving you a hard time, instead is having a hard time and is expressing it in the only way they know how to helps create a shift in understanding.  From that place, change can happen. The workshop includes handouts and discussion of some practical and common ways that you can provide support, healing and understanding.   


A questionnaire will be emailed to all attendees in advance.  There will be an opportunity for me to work 'live' directly with a maximum of 5 dogs.

Meeting URL:

Optional Dial-In Number: +18632080120 PIN: 092-695-503#

Quick dial (mobile): +18632080120,,092-695-503# Password: doglove