DueDash AMA: With digital tools towards investability

DueDash AMA: With digital tools towards investability

Oct 20, 202004:00 pm

Oct 20, 202005:00 pm(GMT+0)


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Welcome to the fifth event of our monthly 'DueDash - Ask Me Anything (AMA)' series, which is closely tied to our monthly theme.

The monthly theme of October 2020 is 'With digital tools towards investability' and thereby also our AMA is focused on this topic. There are thousands of digital tools out there that can help on your entrepreneurial journey. As a founder, it is important to know where you need digital assistance to increase your productivity, overcome your resource constraints and thereby lower your operating costs. All that helps you to become investable by improving relevant KPIs. In the end, it's about choosing the right set of tools and then extracting the maximum value out of them. Join this AMA and learn how to make the best use of your digital tools and softwares for your startup. 

With Andy Cabasso & Sky Calibey

In this session, we are happy to have our DueDash partner and co-founder of both Postaga and Offsprout with us: Andy Cabasso. Andy is a digital marketing professional, speaker, lawyer, and occasional wedding officiant. After being frustrated with how time-consuming outreach tended to be and having to use a great variety of tools for promoting blog posts, he built Postaga – a free all-in-one tool to help streamline and automate the tedious parts of link building and help build traffic to your website. Postaga launched on Product Hunt on May 19, 2020, where it garnered the #1 spot of the day, and #2 for the week.

Further, this session will be joined by another DueDash partner and co-founder of Nifty: Sky Calibey. Sky is a former agency brand strategist turned Nifty co-founder. Being the product & solutions architect at Nifty, his emphasis is in the space between product, business development, and customer success. Nifty helps teams' simplify their workflow by consolidating team communication, project management, and client collaboration into one easy, fun, and efficient tool. With Discussions, Tasks, Docs, Roadmaps, and Files all in one place — Nifty lets you focus on building products instead of juggling tools 

Moderation will be done by our co-founder Markus Buck. As a young founder with greater resource limitations, he has started to make use of digital tools over the past 7 years in order to increase the productivity of his small co-founding teams. At DueDash, we are ourselves using a variety of tools that help us be more productive so that we can actually leverage our global community and product-building efforts.

What's in for you?

This is your chance to ask experienced marketeers on how to choose the right tools and make use of them to increase productivity. If you already have specific questions that you would like to have answered, feel free to post your questions in the comments of this event, so we can proactively address them in our AMA. See you there!