Integrative Health Convention VIrtual Event 11 Feb 2022

Integrative Health Convention VIrtual Event 11 Feb 2022

Feb 11, 202209:00 am

Feb 11, 202305:00 pm(GMT+0)


ONLINE - Integrative Health Convention IHC 2022 VIDEOS

Event details

Access the Recordings of the Virtual Integrative Health Convention 11th Feb 2022 available only until 11th August 2022.

The videos feature a live demo trauma treatment with world-renowned Hypnotist and Behavioural Scientist Paul McKenna demonstrating the Havening Techniques, the Mind-Body Connection with Dr John Demartini of the Secret (by Rhonda Byrne), Breathwork with Anthony Abbagnano, Finding Your voice with Carrie Grant MBE, the Movement Pharmacy with Frances Colier, Lifestyle Medicine with Dr Angela Goyal, Integrative Health in Practice with Dr Naveed Akhtar and Dr Toh Wong, and Fasting with Dr Harald Stossier.

(included are many discounts on courses and freebies worth hudreds of pounds)

There are bonus videos featuring well-known names like Freddy Jacquin on the Arrow Technique for Pain-relief, Anthony Jacquin teaching you self-hypnosis, Anthony Galie talking about new mechanisms of hypnosis, EFT taught by Sue Beer and Emma Roberts (EFT founding masters), Dr Ann Baldwin speaking about Reiki, Lee Taylor on Reflexology and Pain-relief, Rachel Armstrong on Self-Care, and Romina Melwani on Mushrooms and the Immune System.

You will get a glimpse of the Complementary Awards so as to make connections with these amazing individuals near you.

You will have access to these recordings for your viewing pleasure for 6 months from the 11 of Feb 2022. Enjoy!