LPPDE Webinar with Paolo Sammicheli

LPPDE Webinar with Paolo Sammicheli

Mar 28, 202303:00 pm

Mar 28, 202303:30 pm(GMT+0)


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Paolo Sammicheli, Agile business coach, registered scrum trainer and author, Agile Education and Scrum @ Scale –Agile Leadership and the Power of the Decisions

This talk is focused on how decisions can affect business success. With an analysis of data updated from last year's research, we will discuss the cost of change, decision latency, decision reversal, and implications on business performance. In conclusion, this talk explores how Agile and Scrum can help optimize the decision flow and support fast and effective decision-making. This talk is aimed at entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers who want to improve their decision-making ability and increase the competitiveness of their businesses. Learn how to become an Agile leader who drives business success through fast and efficient decision-making.

You will:

* Understand the cost of decisions

* Analyze the impact of decision latency in project failure.

* Discover data and evidence from studies updated last year.

* How to measure and improve decision-making.

Paolo Sammicheli is an Italian entrepreneur with +30 years of experience, International Speaker, and Author of the books 'Scrum for Hardware,' the first significant publication in the world on the topic, and 'Scrum in AI -Artificial Intelligence Agile Development with Scrum.' containing the foreword by Jeff Sutherland, co-author of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto.

Today Paolo works as an Agile Business Coach specialized in Scrum, Scrum@Scale, Kanban, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup, helping organizations uncover better ways of working.

Registered Scrum Trainer & Coach for Scrum Inc, Lean-Agile Procurement Trainer, and Management 3.0 Facilitator. Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT Sloan School of Business.