Nerd Nite Tokyo

Nerd Nite Tokyo

Sep 25, 202011:00 am

Sep 25, 202001:30 pm(GMT+0)



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Nerd Nite Tokyo: Evolution or Extinction?

Nerd Nite returns from a summer hiatus, but we're still staying at home so we don't catch heatstroke (or corona). Join us in September to talk about:

  • ancient predators, conservation and dinosaurs with a museum curator
  • the transformation of property ownership from capitalism to co-operative
  • zombie outbreaks: can movies and math stop the COVID pandemic?

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Speakers and approximate schedule (times JST):

  1. (20:15) Yuri Kimura -- YOKOSO! Tour of the National Museum of Nature and Science (
  2. (21:00) Emi Do -- De-commodifying Real Estate: the Co-op Dream that Doesn't Require Roommates (
  3. (21:45) Robert Smith? -- What can Zombies and Mathematics Teach Us about COVID-19? (

When: September 25 (Friday), start 20:00 (JST) [12pm London, 7am New York]

Where: ONLINE 

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