LPPDE In-Person Conference North America 2023

LPPDE In-Person Conference North America 2023

Oct 02, 202301:00 pm

Oct 05, 202310:00 pm(GMT+0)


Ann Arbor, MI

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Creating a culture of Innovation

The ability for companies to innovate has become the defining factor for a firm’s competitiveness and directly determines their prosperity. Innovation is the life-blood of an organization. 

The methods embodied in Lean Product and Process Development practices consistently enable organizations to deliver more product in less time with greater market impact. For those companies wanting to control their own destiny, excelling at innovation is a crucial factor and Lean Development is seen as an enabler.

The theme for the 2023 North America LPPDE conference is ‘Creating a Culture of Innovation’. Our focus will be on creating an environment where people are inspired & thrive in introducing a continuous flow of new innovative products and services that customers love and in turn help their business grow and prosper. Naturally, this will be within the framework of Lean Product and Process Development.

The ‘E’ in LPPDE is for exchange. Please join me in learning from thought leaders and practitioners alike. Come network with people who are in your shoes, join one of the workshops to learn and improve your skills, listen to success stories to motivate you on your journey. Come, be a part of the ‘exchange’.

I hope you’ll join me in Ann Arbor, Michigan October 2-5, 2023.

Dantar Oosterwal

2023 North America Conference Chair

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