NATHA Open House - September 2021

NATHA Open House - September 2021

Sep 11, 202108:00 am

Sep 11, 202104:00 pm(GMT+0)


NATHA Yoga Center, Nordre Fasanvej 230, 2200 København N

Event details

Come discover and explore NATHA at our Open House on Saturday 11 September!

Open House is a free event full of workshops & lectures for anyone who wants to get a taste of what our courses, workshops, and community are like!


The program this year has an emphasis on living from the heart. Vegetarian lunch prepared by Ambrosia Vegetarian Catering will also be available for a small fee (65kr) and can be purchased during the lunch break.


*Please note: This event will be held in Danish language only*



Hatha Yoga - 10:00-11:30


Compared to other more modern styles of yoga, Hatha Yoga is more meditative and inwardly focused. It emphasizes not just on physical effects, but also inner effects - mental, emotional, and spiritual.


This workshop is both beginner-friendly and suitable for experienced yoga practitioners who want to discover this traditional form of yoga with Tantric elements.

Lecture: Yoga & Modern Science: Breaking the Code to Spiritual Evolution - 12:00-13:00


In this lecture, we will explore a highly popular theory embraced both by frontier scientists as well as ancient yogis:

Do we live in a simulated reality? Are our entire experience of reality based on a preprogrammed construct, which we perceive as real?

The ancient yogis, Buddhists and gnostic mystics not only agreed that we live in a simulated reality, but they also revealed and practised highly efficient methods of ‘Self-realization’ - which have mysterious similarities to modern attempts to ‘hack the social programming’ and ‘breaking the simulation code’. 

We will discuss what it means that reality might be a simulation & look at evidence of a simulated reality from both the modern and the spiritual perspectives. We will talk about the spiritual consequence of such a theory and look at how we unlock the code to spiritual evolution if we indeed live in a simulated reality.


Lunch - 13:00-14:15


Vegetarian lunch prepared by Ambrosia Vegetarian Catering.

Interactive Workshop: Chakra Ceremony - 14:30-16:00


We welcome you to a journey of self-discovery through a step by step experience of the different layers that constitute your own being and consciousness. A journey that takes you from chakra to chakra, expanding your consciousness at each level, enriching you with knowledge and in depth experiences of the mystery of your own being. 

You need no special knowledge or preparation – we will guide you at every step into the unknown depths of your consciousness.

Practical Details:

The program will be kept in English language only!

Vegetarian lunch prepared by Ambrosia Vegetarian Catering will also be available for a small fee (65kr) from 13:00-14:15.



This event is FREE for all participants - but please be sure to book a ticket to reserve your space!


Lunch price is 65kr